Willow World

Thursday, August 31, 2006

College begins tomorrow. Everything's changing. It's like five years ago when I moved here. It devastated me. I wasn't prepared. It's different this time. Sometimes I want to cry. Others I can't help but smile. The memories are beautiful. With the people in them leaving, they seem bittersweet. I love my friends. I love my past. I love my life. I hate everything that's happening. I love the way it's going. Nothing makes sense. But I know everything is the way it should be. So where does this leave me? It leaves me thinking. Thinking. What now? Everything is changing. I'll make it stay the same. I know it may not last. I've never given up before. It always turned out ok. That's it. Everything will be ok.

I fear my time in the world of Final Fantasy may be coming to a close forever and always if I continue feeling this way. Sometimes it seems I'm chasing an empty dream. I want to be able to spend time with my friends in the game, yet I looking for a way to play the game almost completley on my own. We'll see.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

I need to stop updating so late in the night...I get too tired to actually write about something.

I'm up to 1.25M as of today. It's the most I've ever held and I plan for it to continue growing. I still haven't decided if I'm going to continue White Mage or if I'm going to pick up a new job like Red Mage or Ninja. So while I'm deciding, I'm going to just continue increasing my wallet.

Oh, I bought a Playstation 2 off of ebay today. It's supposed to be a refurbished old model, so I hope it works fine. I need 20 or 30 more dollars and I'm going to buy a brand new HDD/FFXI for PS2 for my sisters. I expect to have it all within a few weeks. Then I'll finally be able to play with both my brother and sister at the same time. Even better...I can get a guide beret! I'm excited to say the least lol. We can become rich together off of BCNM20... or something. I don't know, I'm actually looking foward to doing BCNM20 together with them because it pretty much makes the cost per run for me almost nothing. When I solo it, it costs a lot. However, with the current price of astral rings, even if I solo it a bunch of times, one ring will make it worth it. Get one of those, buy and ether ring and I'm set on my white mage luxury gear for now.

Anyways, it's late so I'm going to head to bed. I hope to increase my wealth to 2M tomorrow, as well as finally get my first mog house expansion done. Oh, I think I'm going to go ahead and use up the gil needed to do the gobby bag quests, so I suppose I won't reach 2M, but at least I'll be able to carry a lot more crafting supplies. Ok, now I'm just rambling...bad sign. Adios and Ciao.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Before I forget...I'm making a reminder right here that I need to link to Aerroenu's blog. I'm far too tired to do it now.

Anyways, I'm going to make this short. I hit 51 alchemy today. That's 21.1 levels in a day. Very painful. Very satisfying...and I only stopped because I had less than 10k left and couldn't afford more materials ; ;

It much too addicting. I expect level 60 in a couple of days. Then I expect level 30 woodworking very soon. I'll take woodworking to 60 eventually, but I'll stick with 30 for now, then smithing to 30 (maybe). I've decided I'm going to level GS on a mule, instead of my main. Actually, I think I may level smithing on a different mule, instead of on Raislin. I'd really like to have 100 of one of them, but Alchemy is going to be the first one I take that far. Wish me luck, lots of HQs and lots of gil. Adios and ciao. Happy New Years'!

Friday, December 30, 2005


The one emote I swear I would use most if it existed. I think it's been a few days since I updated. I've been on a money making spree. I've made about 1M in the past few days which is about as much as I made in my first year playing the game. I don't know what happened, but with my four month break came focus and maybe some luck. Anyways, I dropped Keijuyo, but I'm keeping the name for my Blog because I really like it. I wish I could rename Raislin Keijuyo, but I can't. I'm still dropping WHM for now and picking up RDM on Raislin. Actually, I might go NIN. I haven't decided. I'm so indecisive -.-;;;

Luckily, I have plenty of time. I've picked up Alchemy, and for once I'm going to actually level a craft I pick. I think I made it to .5 or .6 smithing last time I did this. I'm up to 8.8 alchemy from today, then I ran out of yellow globes and giant stingers /fume

I wanted to do GS. I wasn't worried about leveling it quickly, like I am alchemy, just eventually. But then I noticed that Alchemy strongly compliments my farming methods. And since Keijuyo is level 18 and can PWN Spook, guess where I keep him? Yep, right at Spook's grave. Which makes me wonder if Spook is actually King Ranperre coming back from the grave. Anywho, I got two mantles today just randomly signing on and waiting 10 minutes. The competition sucks. I saw it spawn five times today. I got three of the claims and two drops. One claim I missed because someone was faster...the area weas filled with skeletons and bats. The other I missed because I cast Poison too early /fume ; ;

So yeah, I somehow wasted another hour on the internet. It's 4 am /yawn
Spook will be spawning again soon...no sign of competition yet. It's late, maybe I'll get both claims.

If anyone wants to do a /random and help me decide which job to choose, RDM or NIN, feel free to. 0-500 = RDM, 501-999 = NIN

Fare thee well.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Leveling black mage subjob at the moment. I'm up to level 10, almost 11. Normally I take black mage to korroloka tunnel at 13, but I might wait until 14 or possibly 15 since I'm not a TaruTaru this time. I hate partying, especially as a black mage, so soloing to 18-20 is the way to go for me. The 60 spaces of inventory has been really nice. I haven't had to throw anything out yet, which has never happened before when leveling a low level job. Next up is white mage. I'm really looking foward to it and that's why I saved it for leveling last. Always save the best for last. Well, back to leveling black mage.

Friday, December 23, 2005

First real post

I guess I'll make a little review about things up till now.

I started playing FFXI in June, 2004. I started as an elvaan warrior named Tanthalas -- I love elves -- but quickly learned an elvaan was not for me. I made my TaruTaru Raislin shortly after and immediately began as white mage. It was this job that I fell in love with, and even now I still love it. However, my gaming experience has been littered with account deactivations. My mom pays for the game and often forgets to pay her credit card. I made it to a level 57 white mage when I got deactivated again. When I came back, a lot of my friends had quit and those that had not were above and beyond me. I picked up ninja and thief after that. Thief is my second love (job-wise) and I took it to 25 very quickly and took a break to level ninja. I did my utsusemi quest (not realizing that I had a heck of a lot more fame than I needed at first...) and started. I was farming one night when I had to log off. The next day, I logged on to find my account disabled. I quickly forgot the game. In real life, I had a new girlfriend and my classes as a Senior were getting very demanding at the time. About a week and a half or so ago, I gave my mom about 50 dollars for her credit card to buy my girlfriend Custom M&Ms with a special message. To my dismay, I found that they would not arrive before January, and since three months for us in this christmas eve, I decided to use the money to reactivate FFXI since it no longer had a purpose on my mom's credit card and could not be removed. (I've gotten her a really nice fountain of dreams gift, instead, that I really hope she likes.)

Anyways, to get back on topic. I still had Raislin, he was safe even after four months of nothing, but something didn't feel right. It felt awkward to "start over" as a level 57 white mage. So, I sold all of my equipment (first time I've ever held over 1 million gil at once) and started a new Hume (I'm starting to miss being a Taru...) Red Mage. I leveled to 18 in a couple of days and then took a quick trip to Jeuno to do some gobby bag quests. I did one and was lacking fame for anymore. So I grabbed another 12 stacks of boyahda moss and was off on a level 1 run from Jeuno to Selbina to the mea crag to get the last gate crystal I needed. After more than half an hour of turning in moss, I left on the ship to mhaura with a friend who later helped me get my magicked skull. Immediately after that, I finished the gobby bag quests. It cost me 700k, which hurts because I've never spent so much at once, but also feels good because running around with 40 spaces on Raislin got to be a huge pain. After that I maxed my Windurst fame since I am lucky enough to spend my first week on Keijuyo with Bastok in first. Actually, I think I'm still working on that. I can only send so many Cornettes from Raislin in Bastok to Keijuyo in Windurst and turn them in so many times before I have to stop. Don't tell anyone, but I my hand started to hurt, so I made a small program that buys cornettes for me when I'm at the shop and trades them to the quest guy when I'm standing in the right spot. This way, I could watch and rest my hand. Don't worry, I know only basic programming that I learned three years ago as a freshman in high school, and wouldn't dream of making anything more than something like that.

So here I am with a rank 1, level 18 Red Mage named Keijuyo with maxed sandy and bastok fame, nearly maxed windy fame and all the gobby bag quests finished. I'm poor, but hopeful that someday I will lead a powerful LS in many events. Not before my 60s or 70s shall I make it, though. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Just testing this out. I like blogs, and I figured I'd make one to follow my FFXI story.